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Hearing Aids and Communication Devices - Waterloo Wellington

The organizations listed below dispense and/or service hearing aids. Most provide hearing tests (assessments).

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) insures diagnostic hearing tests ordered and performed by qualified physicians. Some audiologists in private practice do not charge fees for hearing tests ordered by a physician. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Assistive Devices Program (ADP) may contribute to the cost of your hearing aid or other device if you are eligible. Veterans may be covered for both tests and devices through Veterans Affairs Canada. Similarly, Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) or other insurance plans may contribute to costs.

See also Deafness and Impaired Hearing.

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These services serve all or part of Waterloo Wellington
Arnold Hearing Centres - Guelph Clinic   Guelph
Arnold Hearing Centres - Kitchener Clinic   Kitchener
Auburn and Mountain Hearing Centres (Cambridge - Conestoga Blvd)   Cambridge
Auburn and Mountain Hearing Centres (Kitchener - University Ave)   Kitchener
Auburn and Mountain Hearing Centres (Waterloo - University Ave)   Waterloo
Berge Hearing Clinic   Guelph
Cambridge Audiology   Cambridge
Canadian Hearing Society - Waterloo - Hearing Care Counselling   Kitchener
Complete Hearing Health   Waterloo
Connect Hearing (Kitchener - Highland Rd)   Kitchener
Connect Hearing (Kitchener - Victoria St)   Kitchener
Connect Hearing - Guelph Clinic   Guelph
Ear and Hearing Clinic (Elmira - Arthur St)   Elmira
Ear and Hearing Clinic (Kitchener - Fischer Hallman Rd)   Kitchener
Grand River Hearing Centre   Kitchener
Grand River Hearing Centre - Grand River Hearing and Tinnitus Centre   Waterloo
Grand River Hospital - Freeport Campus - Communication Technology Clinic   Kitchener
Hear for Life Hearing Centre   Kitchener
Hemmerich Hearing Centre (New Hamburg - Waterloo St)   New Hamburg
Hemmerich Hearing Centre (Waterloo - Erb St)   Waterloo
KidsAbility Centre for Child Development - Guelph - Imperial Rd S - General Services   Guelph
Listen Up! Canada - Cambridge   Cambridge
Listen Up! Canada - Cambridge St Andrews   Cambridge
Listen Up! Canada - Kitchener   Kitchener
Mitchell Mobile Hearing Services   Elora
Neff Hearing - Guelph - Watson Rd S   Guelph
Raindrop Hearing Clinic   Guelph
Steffler Hearing Aid Service   Guelph
Total Hearing Centre (Cambridge - Coronation Blvd)   Cambridge
Total Hearing Centre (Kitchener - Ottawa St)   Kitchener
Wellington Hearing Care   Guelph

These services are located outside of Waterloo Wellington, but provide service to Waterloo Wellington.
Bell Canada - Accessibility Services Centre   Montreal
Canadian Hearing Society - Mississauga Regional Office - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and Programs   Mississauga
George Brown College - WAVE Clinic   Toronto
Halton Healthcare - Milton District Hospital - Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing Services   Milton