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What's Open On Civic Day 2018 (Monday, August 06) Labour Day >


  • For immediate medical attention, please call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency department

  • If your problem is minor, please connect with your family doctor. If your doctor is part of a Family Health Team, look up their clinic hours

  • For confidential health advice from a registered nurse, call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000

  • Crisis intervention programs can help if you are feeling distressed

*As holiday hours may change, please call ahead to confirm*

Pharmacies (Extended Hours)
Woodlawn Pharmacy - Guelph
472 Woodlawn Rd E, Guelph, ON  N1E 1B9
Open: 10am-11am
Crisis Lines
Canada. Health Canada - First Nations and Inuit Health Branch - First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line
Open: 24 hours
Fem'aide - Ligne de soutien pour femmes touchées par la violence
Open: 24 hours
Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis - 24 Hour Crisis Line Program
Guelph, ON  N1H 6N9
519-836-5710 ; 1-800-265-7233
Open: 24 hours
Kids Help Phone
439 University Ave, Suite 300, Toronto, ON  M5G 1Y8
Help line: 1-800-668-6868
Administration: 1-800-268-3062
Open: 24 hours
TorchLight - Distress Line
PO Box 1027, Guelph, ON  N1H 6N1
Distress Line 1-888-821-3760
Open: 24 hours