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St. Joseph's Health Centre Guelph

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph (SJHCG) is a member organization within the St Joseph’s Health System that serves as a leader in complex continuing care (including restorative care and palliative care), long-term care (LTC), rehabilitation, and community support services for patients, residents, participants, and families in the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN). St. Joseph’s operates a total of 326 beds - 240 LTC beds and 86 specialty hospital beds. We contribute to improved knowledge and innovative service delivery through education and research. Our values encompass Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence (CARE).

Position:  Chief of Staff

Region:  Cambridge & Area, Kitchener-Waterloo & Area, Guelph & Wellington

Description:  Chief of Staff - Position Description and Candidate Profile

Position Objective
The Chief of Staff (COS) is a physician appointed by, and accountable to, the SJHCG Board of Trustees for the visionary, strategic, and operational leadership of the medical staff.

The COS will fulfill the role and discharge responsibilities as provided for in the Public Hospitals Act, the Regulations under the Public Hospitals Act, the Long Term Care Act, the Regulations under the Long Term Care Act, and the By-Laws and Policies of SJHCG.

The COS is responsible for ensuring that members of the Professional Staff demonstrate behaviours and practices that are consistent with the vision, strategic plan, code of conduct, and paradigm for patient care. S/he must always act on the basis of clearly articulated principles and an ethical framework that reflects the needs of the community and ensures the primacy of patients, residents, participants, and families in decision-making.

The main responsibilities of the COS include quality of medical care, credentialing, and physician management. The COS works in cooperation with the Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team, Medical Director(s), and credentialed staff. The primary goal is to support outstanding client family centered care through supporting the goals of the organization and acting as a role model for organizational values that promote collaboration, respect for others, and an integrated, inclusive approach to the delivery of care.

This role is a 0.2FTE (one day per week) annualized time commitment subject to annual reappointment.

Key Responsibilities
The Chief of Staff (COS) will work in partnership with the President and Senior Leadership Team to realize the vision of the Board, guided by three strategic goals:
o Best People - Promotion of staff and physician health, wellness, and learning
o Best Care - Enhancement of the care experience through engagement of clients and families to improve quality of life
o Best Partners - Exploration of collaborative partnerships that connect and coordinate a system of care.

The Areas of Focus for the COS are to:
o Promote an exceptional patient/resident/participant experience
o Provide excellent care through value driven operations
o Realize the benefits of inter-professional education and leverage our academic affiliations
o Facilitate resource and fiscal stewardship
• Ensure that effective medical human resources planning is undertaken to meet identified clinical needs for the organization.
o Ensure that effective risk management protocol and policies are in place and followed.
o Promote the development of a culture among members of the Professional Staff characterized by personal responsibility and accountability, collaboration, and professional and ethical conduct.
o Work in close collaboration with the Chief Nurse Executive on clinical quality.

Required COS Duties:
a) Supervise the professional care provided by members of the Medical Staff and organize the Professional Staff to ensure that the quality of the professional care given to all patients/residents of the Health Centre is in accordance with policies;
b) Ensure a process for the application, credentialing, and appointment of medical staff, both new and annual re-appointments, exists and is thoroughly executed as a legislative requirement
c) Ensure that appointments and re-appointment recommendations are processed through the Medical Advisory Committee and the Board;
d) Advise the Professional Staff on current Health Centre policies, objectives and rules.
e) Maintain appropriate professional bylaws, rules, and regulations and medical staff policies
f) Assure there is a process for participation in continuing professional education;
g) Chair the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC);
• Advise the MAC and the Board with respect to the quality of professional diagnosis, care, and treatment provided to the patients/residents and participants of the Health Centre;
• Report to the Medical Advisory Committee on activities of the Health Centre including the utilization of resources and quality assurance;
• Work with the Medical Advisory Committee to plan for professional human resource needs of the Health Centre in accordance with the Health Centre’s strategic plan;
• Ensure a process for regular review of the Medical Advisory Committee’s effectiveness;
h) Be a non-voting member of the Board;
• Report regularly to the Board and Professional Staff about the activities, recommendations, and actions of the MAC and any other matters about which they should have knowledge;
• Be responsible to the Board, through and with the President, for the appropriate utilization of resources by all areas;
i) Be an ex-officio member of all committees that report to the Medical Advisory Committee;
j) Assign, or delegate the assignment of, a member of the Medical Staff to supervise the practice of any other member of the Medical staff for any period of time or to discuss in detail with any other member of the Professional staff any matter which is of concern to the Chief of Staff;
k) In consultation with the SJHCG President, designate an alternate to act during an absence;
l) Participate in the development of the Health Centre’s mission, objectives, and strategic plan;
m) Represent SJHCG at regional meetings and committees

The Ideal Candidate Profile
The COS will be an exceptional, inclusive, and visionary leader with credentials in both senior medical leadership and clinical practice. The ideal candidate should have an interest in holding, and/or held, a medical leadership position. The following skills and competencies will be required by the COS.

Experience and Skills Required
The ideal candidate will possess an optimal combination of the following competencies, skills and attributes:
o Visionary Leadership and Leading Change
o Leading Others
o Influence and Negotiation
o Results Driven
o Sound Judgment

Professional and Personal Qualifications

o Have or qualify for a License to practice medicine in the Province of Ontario.
o In good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
o Qualify to be a member of the SJHCG medical staff through the Credentials Committee process and an ability to be accommodated within the medical services of the organization.
o Eligible for an academic appointment at the McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences.
o Self-aware, with a demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and academic achievement.

Career Experience
o An interest in, and/or a minimum of, five years of medical leadership experience in a Hospital, Long-term Care facility, and/or health system environment, that has included a focus on quality of medical practice.
o A reputation as a consistently high performing leader.

Salary:  To be negotiated

Terms of Employment:  Part-Time

Deadline for Application:  Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How to Apply:  Please respond in writing with a letter of interest and updated CV to or contact 519 824 6000 x4403 for any questions.

Visit for additional information regarding this position.

Location:  Guelph, Ontario

Profession Type:  Physicians and Surgeons

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